IT Maintenance Plan

Our IT Support Services cover a range of services providing assistance with computer hardware, software, network or other. IT support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with a product or a service, whereas IT maintenance services help your company prevent problems with your hardware, software, network and security. Outsourced IT support can be flexible, which means that your company might never have to worry about supporting full time salaries or about finding the IT staff you need when you experience growth.

Unlike your internal staff, outsourced IT staff can be available 24/7, where vendor's technicians will respond to you and your employees' requests within a pre-defined response rate, which can be as quick as a few minutes. This means that your company would not have to wait for one particular person to become available before the problem can be solved. Lots of vendors today can provide remote monitoring services, so that through a remote connection to your network, they can be working on a solution instantly. In that way, they can resolve problems quickly, and they can even reduce the number of problems your company experiences through their preventive monitoring and maintenance activities.