26 JUNE 2020

You can keep yourself sane, and work from home too!

Singapore is progressively reopening its economy and gradually easing its Circuit Breaker measures. Still, many businesses continue working from home as they are not deemed "essential services." Remote working can create feelings of disconnection from the outside world resulting in anxiety and uncertainty among employees.That being said, there are some simple yet extremely effective ways to keep your mind at ease as you continue working from home. Here are some pointers you may want to take advantage of to keep spirits high and increase your mental well being.

Chat and have fun with your colleagues

chat with friends and family

Probably the best tip to keep yourself motivated is to maintain social engagement with your colleagues. Working remotely and away from your office doesn't necessarily stop you from having a brief chat with a fellow team member. Take the effort to schedule a video call to share updates from each other's lives and ask around how they are doing in their work. Keep yourself entertained and engaged.

Take breaks when you need to

take breaks when you need

Don't be afraid to take your mind off work from time to time. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging when an institutional guide of an office is amiss. When working from home, pick up a book to read or spend some time on self-improvement. Use whatever time you have available during your breaks to do things that help you relax and keep you motivated.

Work with some tunes

work with tunes

Music is a great way to keep yourself calm and occupied in your work. It can also be a potential tool to block out any distractions that might impede your progress. Pick a playlist specifically designed to help focus, hit play and get your work on!

Bond with your loved ones

bond with friends and loved ones

For all you know, the people living with you in the same household can provide all the emotional support you need. Turn to your loved ones for work advice if you are ever experiencing trouble and make sure to spend quality time with them post office hours.

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